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   Moderation Management was born from and grows out of the energy of our lay membership, our volunteer supporters, and our dedicated staff. These remain the foundation of our program's elements and goals, and are the core reasons for our existence as an organization. However, Moderation Management's ability to extend and develop our programs has always been limited by our ability to apply resources to specific areas that we consider important. Our growing organization has needs for communications, publications, development, and publicity that we are simply unable to fully meet at this time without expanding our options for non-profit development.

   To provide a more consistent and appropriate revenue source, we have agreed to accept sponsors for specific Moderation Management website pages on a monthly basis. These sponsors must meet certain criteria, which are as follows:

  • Sponsors must be in a field appropriate to our mission.
  • Sponsors need to offer services of interest to the population we serve.
  • Sponsors are approved by a committee of the Moderation Management Board of Directors.
  • Sponsorships may be cancelled at any time at the discretion of Moderation Management.
  • No more than six sponsors per page will be accepted in any given month.
  • We currently only accept 120 X 60 size banners. (See below)
  • A per-month fee of $500, in return for advertising services, has been paid.

   These sponsorships represent growth on several levels to Moderation Management. First, they expand our ability to support the population we seek to serve. Second, they provide an appropriate consistent revenue stream that allows us to plan for the future. Third, they allow us to present to our membership appropriate opportunities which we feel may be of interest to them, and can offer quality support towards their goals.

   We are currently only accepting Sponsorship advertising in "Button 2" format (now called "2x1 small size ad"). This is an image in JPG or GIF of up to a 120 X 60 pixel size; 2X1 aspect ratio. Animations are permitted, up to 15 seconds. For more details on banner advertising, see the Interactive Advertising Bureau guidelines.

   We understand that many sponsors have sophisticated web log management and can record their own statistics on the performance of their presentation. However, assistance with a complex task is always appreciated. Each sponsor is provided a private "Sponsor Page" , personalized with comprehensive statistics on the performance and display of their listing and protected with a unique login. Visit to view our demonstration.

   If you are considering a sponsorship, please contact us at .

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