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Welcome to the Online

Moderation Management Chatroom!

Scroll down to chat now, and for chat schedule

About the Chatroom...

The MM Chatroom is "open" 24/7.  There are regularly scheduled chats daily.  Please scroll down (below the "chat now" button) for the schedule, and the description, of the different kinds of chats, as well as instructions about how to login.

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Server Name: Server2
Site Name: 2052
Room Name: MMChat
(OR: MM_Abs_Chat, Portuguese_Chat, or Off-Topic)

NOTE THAT iPhone users may need specific instructions- See this page: Parachat Help Page for iPhone

Do you have a Blackberry, Android, Windows 8, or other Web-Enabled Device?
If our new Mobile option on our standard chat screen does not work for you,
there is a way you can still CHAT from your Mobile Device!
Connect to the MM Chatroom from your Mobile at this URL:
MM_Abs_Chat Mobile:
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Off Topic Chat Mobile:

In the mood to chat when there is no regular scheduled chat?  We suggest you post your desire to chat on the MMLIST email ListServ and/or the MM Forum .  Chances are, you will find someone else interested in chatting.  If you post a note to the list, you should log into the Chatroom and simply keep the window open until someone else joins you.  Please be aware that there may not be an admin or other MM members in the Chatroom at any given time.  

NEW! For discussions about issues involving a decision to abstain, see our new "MM Abs Chat"

Please note that there is also an "Off-Topic" room (one of four permanent rooms you will see when you login to the Chatroom) for those who would like to have off-topic chat while the main Chatroom is focused on the topic of moderate drinking.



If a pop up blocker is keeping you from getting into chat click here .

(Need International Time?)





6 p.m. Pacific
2 a.m. GMT (next day)
Gabrielle Glaser's "Her Best-Kept Secret:
Why Women Drink and How They Can Regain Control"
9 p.m. Eastern
6 p.m. Pacific
2 a.m. GMT (next day)
9 p.m. Eastern
6 p.m. Pacific
2 a.m. GMT (next day)
SUNDAY GEO CHAT 20:30 p.m. Berlin Time
19:30 p.m. GMT
2:30 p.m. EST
11:30 a.m. PST
Scheduled for 90 Minutes!


Chats begin as scheduled--

and end... WHENEVER!

Scheduled Chats:

Monday: Weekly Chat:

Weekly MM Chat is every Monday at 9PM. Everyone is welcome!

Wednesday: Abs Chat:

Especially aimed at those abstaining from alcohol on a weekend "trigger" night, but all who need to talk are welcome.

Thursday:   Brazilian Chat:

Portuguese language chat for Brazilians interested in MM. Held in the Portuguese room.

Sunday:   Geo Chat:

Sundays @ 20:30 Berlin time. This Chat is scheduled for 90 minutes! (19:30 GMT, 2:30PM EST, 11:30AM PST)
(Check time yourself: http://www.timebie.com/timezone/gmtest.php )

Log in info

Logging into the Chatroom

Logging into the Chatroom is simple.  Click "Chat Now" above, and enter a username.  If you would like to reserve a name for the Chatroom, then follow the instructions below.  Otherwise, simply enter a name and click "login without a password" if you are asked for a password.

Online registration of usernames/passwords.  

Please register a username and password for the Chatroom by clicking below.  Regular members are strongly encouraged to do this, as it will help all of us know who is in the Chatroom and "speaking" at a particular time.  (Registration is NOT necessary unless you want to reserve your user name).  If you want to change your user name, drop an email to chat@moderation.org - They can make the change for you.  Note that you must activate your membership by clicking the link in the email that will be automatically sent once you have registered.  Once your membership is activated, you will be sent a temporary password, which you can change once you have logged in.

If you have any problems registering, or logging in, or if you would like to volunteer to man the Chatroom please send an email to chat@moderation.org .


As always, your feedback and comments are welcomed!  Send your comments with our Email form: chat@moderation.org
Or use your own Email system.


Anyone interesting in becoming an online meeting facilitator may wish to read "How To Run A MM Chat Room Meeting" .


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