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One Beer!

(they said I couldn't do it)

the challenge

I think I did it!

I was a 5 beer a day (average) drinker. I couldn't seem to do anything after work without. I thought about it, I planned around it.

My wife insisted I had to get an assessment, which I did, and guess what the result was? Yep, you need to attend AA meetings, no alcohol, no communion, no NA beer, etc. etc.

agreed to try praying

I asked the counselor about MM and this info I had found on the net (I ordered the book). She said every 3 years someone comes up with one of these crazy ideas, then it goes away for awhile. They don't work, etc.

Well I agreed and gave in. I felt low and really didn't feel the need to admit defeat and to pray with others who don't believe as I do, but I agreed to do it.

changed routines during the 30+

Then the book came and I was going to send it back but decided to read it anyway. Like all of you I said ya that is me...I can do this.

Well I did it.

I went 30 days, I went another 30 days, even with my wife and counselor beating on me that I couldn't and shouldn't do it, I was an alcoholic and that was it.

I changed my routine. Instead of coming home and grabbing a cold one, I started drinking sparkling water with lemon. (No, it wasn't real easy but I made the switch.) I also prayed every night that I would see drunkenness as a sin and that I could resist the urge for a strong drink.

rebelling with NA beer

Since I was not supposed to have NA beer, I started thinking about having one and used that as a reward. I went a week and we went out to dinner. I had 2 and boy did they taste good.

(I had tried substituting NA beer for real beer before but was still drinking the same amount and would eventually go back to regular beer. The key, I think, is breaking the habit. I had a very stong habit.)

one beer!

Anyway, I had ONE beer the other night with my wife at a bar. It tasted good and I enjoyed it but that was it.

The next night at home, I had my charged water again and since. I know I can now go out and enjoy a glass or 2 of beer but that has to be it.

I believe we are creatures of habit (good and bad) and to truly get a handle on problem drinking you have to break the habit(s) first. By the grace of God I am proof of that.

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