Media Kit for Moderation Management
  The staff and administration of Moderation Management appreciate the time and resources that Media professionals may devote to us while producing a story. We created our Media Kit of assorted resources to be a "Quick Study" to important aspects of Moderation Management which will help you to understand us better.
  We ask as a courtesy that you please contact our Media Services unit at . They can provide expert assistance from Media specialists.
  We encourage you to download our Media Kit, review its contents (along with visiting our website), and to contact our Media Services unit at to see how our staff can help you get your job done in an efficient and effective way. It is the goal of our Media Services unit to act as a professional interface to our Media visitors, and to also provide an liaison between the public and private aspects of our program.
Links of Interest to Media Professionals:
(Zip file, no encryption or password required.)
The Media Kit contains these resources:
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