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An Important Message



Many of us who have been members of an mm-related list for awhile come to see it as a second family. We get to know each other, we build friendships, and we begin to trust and confide in one another.

This is good!

But please keep in mind that this is an open electronic media to which anyone can subscribe at any time, and very occasionally a person will sign on to a self-help list for the very purpose of exploiting the understanding, giving nature of mutual-help communities.

We strongly recommend the following:

  • Be cautious and think before responding to requests for personal or private information about yourself, such as home or work telephone number, address, or your full name.

  • Be extremely cautious about any pleas for financial help from other members. Remember that elaborate stories of financial or other hardships could be fabricated.

  • If someone requests personal assistance from you, consider helping them locate an appropriate service organization. (Charities, sliding scale
    medical clinics, mental health counselors, Legal Aid, etc.)

  • If you become concerned or suspicious that someone may be using the list for personal gain or illegal activity, please e-mail MM privately at:
  • mm@moderation.org

    These precautions should be taken by anyone participating in on-line self-help forums. Our goal is to protect the openness and sharing that we cherish on all our lists, so that we can continue to help each other grow and change.

    Moderation Management Network Inc. (MMNI)



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