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   Barnes & Noble, barnesandnoble.com

Professional Association Sites:

   Dr. Alex DeLuca's web site Lots of valuable information here!
Dr. DeLuca has been a strong supporter of Moderation Management.

   Behavior Therapy Associates LLP
Dr. Reid Hester (a member of the MM Board of Directors) is developing software and web sites that help people change their drinking.
   One major project is his Moderate Drinking website, a MM Forum sponsor:
   HabitDoc.com This is the professional site for Dr. Marc Kern, one of the original founders and a member of the MM Board of Directors of Moderation Management Network, Inc.
Dr. Kern is one of the three authors of the new MM guidebook:
Responsible Drinking, A Moderation Management approach for
problem drinkers, by Frederick Rotgers Psy.D.,
Marc F. Kern Ph.D., & Rudy Hoeltzel

Dr. Kern has other website projects, including:
AddictionInfo.org, an article database of contemporary addiction thinking.
SelfHelpGroupLocator.com A database of non-12-step based self-help support groups by zip code, currently only covering California.

Recommended by MM Members, "Joe's Goals" can be used to track personal goals of any type.
   Harm Reduction Psychotherapy and Training Associates, http://www.harmreductioncounseling.com The website of Dr. Andrew Tatarsky, therapist and author, and Dr. Mark Sehl, therapist. Harm Reduction Psychotherapy and Training Associates offers a "harm reduction" approach to substance use treatment. In addition to being trained in psychotherapy, HRPTA therapists are educated in the harm reduction approach to substance use treatment. Dr. Tatarsky's most recent publication is:
Harm Reduction Psychotherapy; A New treatment for Drug and Alcohol Problems.
Dr. Tatarsky is now serving as the Chairperson of the Moderation Management Network, Inc. Board of Directors.
   Dr. Engs of Indiana University Website of Ruth C Engs RN EdD, A member of the Scientific Board of Advisors to the Moderation Management Network.
   Dr, Fred Rotgers, Member of the Board of Directors of Moderation Management Network, Inc., is one of the three authors of the new MM guidebook:
Responsible Drinking, A Moderation Management approach for
problem drinkers, by Frederick Rotgers Psy.D.,
Marc F. Kern Ph.D., & Rudy Hoeltzel

   Harm Reduction Coalition Website for the Harm Reduction Coalition.
   "Sober For Good"; Web Site Web Site for Anne M. Fletcher, the author of Sober For Good, Thin For Life, and other books describing self-help successes.
   The Dr. Stanton Peele web site Addiction is a featured topic at "peele.net" Dr. Peele is a popular author and lecturer on addiction therapy.
by Stanton Peele, Ph.D., Archie Brodsky, and Mary Arnold

   Harm Reduction Therapy Center Website for Patt Denning, PhD
   Dr. Sobell's Web Site for the Guided Self Change Clinic.
Dr. Sobell's latest book is:
PROBLEM DRINKERS: Guided Self-Change Treatment
by Mark B. Sobell, Ph.D., and Linda C. Sobell, Ph.D.

Moderation Management Network, Inc. (MM) provides this listing of web sites of interest to persons seeking information about moderation issues as a public service. MM does not warrant, certify or make any claims with respect to the credentials or truthfulness of the material that can be accessed by these links. We invite the user to respond with comments about any link, to links@moderation.org.

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