Dear Friends and Supporters of Moderation Management,
Moderation Management is actively monitoring the outbreak of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19). The news reports about this easily-transmitted illness are quite concerning, and we feel that a statement is necessary to clarify our plans going forward.
Moderation Management is well-prepared to continue offering support to its Face-to-Face Meeting members should attendance at their local meeting be deemed inadvisable by the meeting facilitator. We currently have an investment in the development of our phone and telepresence meetings (using a business account with the anonymous Zoom app) and can leverage this to extend to any current Face-to-Face meeting which feels that a virtual experience would be prudent going forward. Write to us at to discuss options. We also have experience with Skype, Hangouts, and other telepresence technology.
Coronavirus is a difficult conundrum for our society; time will see how this problem will be resolved. In the meanwhile, the best advice from the CDC remains:
Whatever the problems of the future hold, alcohol is not the solution. Problems created by drinking can only get worse under stress. Moderation Management remains prepared to offer support that helps people come to terms with issues related to alcohol. Your continued support is noted and appreciated.
Mary Reid
Executive Director
Moderation Management
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