Introduction to the
Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) Tables
for Men & Women

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1 Hour - 2 Hours - 3 Hours - 4 Hours - 5 Hours - 6 Hours

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1 Hour - 2 Hours - 3 Hours - 4 Hours - 5 Hours - 6 Hours

From:  How to Control Your Drinking by William R. Miller and Richard F. Munoz, 
University of New Mexico 1982 pp. 8-11.

Approximate BAC (mg%) reached during six different time periods.

The following tables allow you to estimate the Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) you would reach when drinking over a variety of time periods. Because BAC varies with body weight, number of drinks, the sex of the drinker, and the time over which drinks are consumed, each of these pieces of information is necessary for the calculation.

One drink is defined as having one-half ounce of pure ethyl alcohol; each of the following is considered "one drink."

*10 oz to 12 oz of beer at 4% to 5% alcohol, or
*8 oz to 12 oz of wine cooler at 4% to 6% alcohol, or
*4 oz to 5 oz of table wine at 9% to 12% alcohol, or
*2.5 oz of fortified wine at 20% alcohol, or
*1.25 oz of 80 proof distilled spirits at 40%alcohol, or
*1 oz of 100 proof distilled spirits at 50% alcohol.


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