Upcoming Meetings

Are you new to Moderation Management? Or maybe you’re a therapist, a student, or a concerned loved-one wondering how MM can help others. If so, our Newcomer’s Meeting is a great place to get more information about MM. BUT, if you’re concerned about your own drinking, you don’t have to attend the Newcomer’s Meeting before joining any other meetings. Simply find a meeting below that works for you and click the link to join.

Event Series Thursday Noon Moderation Meeting

Refocus & Recharge MM Meeting

Boost your week with our Thursday check-in. This online gathering offers a supportive space to reflect on your MM journey, meetup to share experiences, and gain practical tips for balanced living. Whether you're just starting out or maintaining long-term mindful drinking goals, join us to refocus and recharge. This is a discussion meeting - after […]

NYC Thursday Night MM Video Meeting

The NYC Thursday Night MM Video Meeting is open To Everyone (Not just New Yorkers!) who is concerned about their drinking. Every Thursday without fail, 7-8:30 p.m. Eastern. To join the meeting, click here!  

Thursday Night Women’s MM Video Meeting – made possible by Sunnyside

The Thursday Night Women's MM Video Meeting is open to all women looking to improve their relationship with alcohol. Held every Thursday at 5PM Pacific / 6PM Mountain / 7PM Central / 8PM Eastern Time To join the meeting, click here!  This meeting is made possible by our Sunnyside Partnership.

MMillenials MM Video Meeting

The MMillenials MM Meeting is aimed at anyone in their 20s or 30s, with the goal of addressing specific difficulties this age group experiences in their moderation journey. Every Thursday at 6PM Pacific, 7PM Mountain, 8PM Central, and 9PM Eastern To join this meeting, click here!