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Moderation Management Media Services

To Media Professionals,

   Moderation Management is a growing 501c(3) non-profit organization dedicated to health issues related to Alcohol Use Disorder (AUD). Although we are not large, we have existed from 1994 and have developed our program and methodologies for addressing alcohol use disorder with a variety of services. This includes online services and face to face meetings. It is our goal to become the preferred gateway resource for any individual who desires to come to terms with their lifestyle issues with alcohol.

   To enhance the value of our media contacts, we have developed a Media Services unit to help you with your assignments while providing an interface between national media and our membership. The people who come to us to work on resolutions for personal issues with alcohol have a reasonable expectation of privacy, and the Media Services unit provides a compassionate and experienced buffer between the needs of the organization for coverage by the media and the desire of our participants to remain anonymous. Your cooperation with our Media Services unit will be greatly appreciated, and should increase both the quality and content of the stories you will be able to generate from inside Moderation Management.

   As you will note, we have both public and private services. Our public services are indexed by search engines and are available for quotation, with attribution. Our private services, however, are not intended for exposure to media sources. We understand the needs of our media partners to do basic groundwork on the nature and basis of any organization they will cover, but appeal to you to remain professional. We ask that you respect our participants desire for privacy and to remain anonymous so they can focus on their recovery.

   It is our intent that any contact with Moderation Management from your media company will be with our Media Services unit- Not from our Program staff. Moderation Management has no secrets and nothing to hide. However we also must represent the interests of the people who come to us for help with personal issues and remain prepared to defend and respect their wishes.

   Note all of our online services are administrated and monitored by experienced individuals who are also participants in our program who stayed to help others. We maintain a User Policy for all participants in our online services which prohibits derogatory or demeaning speech. Moderation Management censors no one, but maintains an expectation that all our participants will act as responsible adults.

   Moderation Management contains a hundred thousand stories of challenges, successes, education from failure, and personal growth. We invite you to assist us in telling these stories, and to enhance our desire to make our moderation program the preferred starting place for coming to terms with personal issues with alcohol.

   Our Media Services unit can be reached at . Any responding individual has the authorization to speak for and about Moderation Management, and has volunteered to help you to get your job done in the most effective way possible.


   Larry Wahlers
   Executive Director
   Moderation Management

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