Related Groups
NOTICE:  If there is any question about conduct or content
on any of these Related Groups,
please contact us at .

Listserv Systems for Related Groups
Below are a collection of "Special Interest"
Email Listserv systems available to everyone.
The MM "Main List" - MMLIST
Subscribe to the Moderation Management "Main List" Listserv
with the convenient form on our Listserv support page:
The MM "Overflow Group."
This list has a smaller membership and
more focused topics than the Main List.
The Moderation Management Clubhouse.
This is a place to hang out, talk about anything
and everything, support one another, and blow off steam if you want.
Moderation Book Club
A club for those interested in reading MM-related material
and discussing it with others.
Every week, we will discuss a new chapter.
The moderator will post on Monday with the chapter for the week.
We are starting with "Moderation Management - Responsible Drinking"
For MMer's who choose to do long term abstinence
NEW! Moved to an ICORS.ORG Listserv, now a service of Moderation Management:
For those who incorporate religious belief
into their moderation efforts
"By The Book" Moderation
The MM Political list for people who like to post on
VERY controversial subjects:
For ex-AAs who are now moderating there is "DrinkingAgain":
Portuguese Language MM:
Um grupo em l?ua portuguesa para pessoas que desejam
moderar o uso do ?ool, usando as t?icas da
Moderation Mannagement (Gerenciamento da Modera?)
"An informal and non-professional group for all aspects
of health and wellness including exercise, nutrition
and overall health. All approaches are welcomed."
MM Research Requests (MMRESEARCH)
Give Back to Moderation Management by accepting research requests.
For members willing to participate in research studies (usually anonymous surveys),
which often help shed light on what works best for different people.
Researchers must seek MM approval (
to post requests for participants in studies.
This list allows us to further research without jeopardizing our Meetings and Online Services
as safe, protected, and confidential spaces for our Members.
Questions about Moderation Management "Related Groups?"
Use the below link to our Contact Form, OR send Email with your Email system:

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