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ICORS.ORG- Returning After Creating Your Login

12/12/06? Version 1.0


To Send Mail to the Listserv:


??????????? ICORS.ORG is the non-profit organization that is hosting our MM Main List, MMLIST. They provide tools so users can manage their own settings. However, these tools appear to be difficult to use. After following the User's Guide and creating a login, users have described difficulty in returning to ICORS to use this login information.

??????????? This guide gives instruction in the process of RETURNING to ICORS.ORG after you have already completed your ICORS.ORG login.

??????????? The following User's Guide remains a work in progress.


Assistance with your subscription is also available
from the MM Main List Administrator Group,

at this Email Address:?


Start by surfing to the ICORS Listserv Interface page at:


To Continue, click on the "LISTSERV web list management interface" link:

You will now be asked to LOG IN to ICORS with the User ID and Password that you have already created. (For information on creating a ICORS account, please see our User's Guide.)

There are two login options. The default option (the top one, shown above) sets a Cookie to manage the login- This is the preferred, and suggested, method. (We have made our peace with Cookies; you should too.)


After a successful login, you will see the screen below.


"follow this link"


Click on THIS TEXT "follow this link" to continue!



You should now be in the Subscriber's Corner.


Using Subscriber's Corner

The Subscriber's Corner is where you manage your user settings for any ICORS.ORG Mailing Lists available under this Email Address and password login. (Such as MMLIST.)

The primary area of interest is the blue and grey List Control, located towards the bottom of the page. This is where you can access User Options for MMLIST.

The List Control is described below.


Using the List Control:

It is important to understand the List Control on the Subscriber Corner page.

(There will be one of these controls for each List that you are subscribed to.)

WARNING: It is deceptively simple to accidentally unsubscribe from a list using this control.

The List Names as shown contain TWO LINKS, with different actions.

The first link ("MMLIST") gives you access to your personal "Subscription Settings".

The second link ([Post]) opens a web form for posting messages to the List.


Select Unsubscribe at the bottom of the List Control.

Check the box on the left side of the List Name.

Press "Submit Changes" to Unsubscribe.

(This ends the subscription completely. Note that there is also a "No Mail" User Option.)


Choosing User Options

There are a range of User Options available for each individual list.

Two popular choices are Digest v/s Regular mail (Digest is a group of messages in one Email), and Disabling Mail Delivery.? (For example, some users don't want to receive list messages when they are preoccupied with a project, or away on a trip.)

MMLIST does not currently support MIME or HTML Mail. All messages are sent as Plain Text.

Concealing your address is meaningless with MMLIST. We do not release Subscription Lists.

(Much of the text below was provided courtesy of the HELP text from ICORS.ORG.)

Regular? (DEFAULT)????????? With a "regular" subscription, you receive individual postings immediately, as they are processed by the Listserv system.

Digest (traditional), Digest (MIME format), and Digest (HTML format)? options.

NOTE: MMLIST sends all messages as Plain Text.

Select "traditional" if you want to use the Digest option.

With a "digest" subscription, you receive larger messages (called "digests") at regular intervals, usually once per day or once per week. These "digests" are collections of individual list postings. Some lists are so active that they produce several digests per day.

??????????? Digests are a good compromise between reading everything as it is posted and feeling like the list is clogging your mailbox with a multitude of individual postings.

Index (traditional)? and Index (HTML format)

??????????? With an "index" subscription, you receive short "index" messages at regular intervals, usually once per day or once per week. These "indexes" show you what is being discussed on the list, without including the text of the individual postings. For each posting, the date, the author's name and address, the subject of the message and the number of lines is listed. You can then download messages of interest from the server (the index contains instructions on how to do that).

??????????? An index subscription is ideal if you have a slow connection and only read a few hand-picked messages. The indexes are very short and you do not have to worry about long download times. The drawback of course is that you need to reconnect to order messages of interest from the server.

??????????? You can choose to have the index sent to you in either a traditional format (plain text) or in HTML format with hyperlinks.


Normal LISTSERV-style header (DEFAULT) "Full" mail headers (normally the default), containing Internet routing information, MIME headers, and so forth.

LISTSERV-style, with list name in subject? "Full" mail headers (like the default) except that a "subject tag" is added to the subject line of mail coming from the list. If there is no subject tag defined in the list's configuration, the name of the list will be used. This can be very useful for sorting and filtering mail.

LISTSERV-style, short (advanced option)? These headers are similar to the normal LISTSERV-style header except that Internet routing information and MIME headers are removed.

"Dual" (second header in mail body) Dual headers are regular short headers followed by a second header inside the message body. This second header shows what list the message is coming from ('Sender:'), the name and address of the person who posted it ('Poster:'), the poster's organization, if present, and the message subject. Dual headers are helpful if your mail client does not preserve the original return e-mail address.

sendmail-style (advanced option) This option selects sendmail-style headers, i.e. an exact copy of the original, incoming mail header with the addition of a 'Received:' line and of a 'Sender:' field. Some technical people prefer this type of header.


No acknowledgements LISTSERV will not send any acknowledgement at all when you post to the list. This is probably not a good setting unless you really do not want any feedback from LISTSERV as to whether or not your posting was received and distributed.

Short message confirming receipt Typically this is the default setting, although it can be overridden by the list owner. If you choose this setting, LISTSERV will send you a short message whenever you post to the list, confirming the distribution of your message and telling you how many people it was sent to.

Receive copy of own postings (DEFAULT) Some people prefer this setting over the short acknowledgement message. It tells LISTSERV to send you a copy of your own postings, so that you can see exactly how it appeared on the list (useful if you are behind an unreliable gateway or firewall).


Mail delivery disabled temporarily (NoMail) This option toggles the receipt of mail from the list. You may want to disable mail delivery if you will be away from your mail for an extended period of time.

Address concealed from REVIEW listing ?(NOT Meaningful for MMLIST. We do not and will not publish a Subscriber List.) This option conceals you from the list of subscribers shown by the REVIEW command. Note that the list owner and the LISTSERV administrator can always get the complete list of subscribers, regardless of this setting. Nowadays, most lists are configured so that only the list owner can use the REVIEW command (such as MMLIST), but some lists still allow subscribers to get a listing of all the other participants.


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