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Try the new app that’s already a favorite among Moderation Management users. It’s a new approach to alcohol mindfulness.

Sunnyside helps you build healthier habits around your alcohol consumption, whether you want to cut back, add more dry days, or simply be more mindful.

We use a powerful system that combines planning, tracking, coaching, education and analytics to empower to you to reach your personal goals, no matter what they are.

Sunnyside is discreet, private, and personal. We never pressure you to quit, and we always keep things positive.

On average our members reduce their drinking by 29% in their first 30 days. And many of our members also participate in Moderation Management. It’s a perfect complement.

Check it out now with a free 15-day trial, then it’s less than $10/mo if you want to continue.

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Lose the Hangover (not the booze) and Master Moderation with ease! If you knew just 5 minutes a day could change your life forever…would you do it?
Sign up for ShameOver now, commit to just 5 minutes a day for the long-lasting change, and transform your relationship with alcohol forever.
Looking for a way to track your intake? ShameOver is now an app! Start tracking now through the ShameOver Drink Tracking App, and cheers to your best year yet! You deserve it. You are worth it.

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