SELF Article: 6 Ways To Set Boundaries and Drink Less Right Now

In SELF’s article, writer, Natasha Lavender, interviews several women who share their ideas and strategies for setting boundaries to control their drinking and to get others to respect those boundaries. MM’s Mary Reid recommends setting goals at which you know you can succeed and building on that success.

“Too many of us go through years of waking up every morning saying, ‘I’m not going to drink today,’ and then breaking that rule,” says Mary Reid, 59, executive director of Moderation Management (MM), a nonprofit that offers resources to help people reduce their alcohol consumption. If the goals you set for yourself aren’t working, then try to do something that feels easier. Maybe you decide to have only one drink on weeknights. From there, you can build up to more ambitious goals.”

To read more, click on the link: 6 Ways To Set Boundaries and Drink Less Right Now

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