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Are you new to Moderation Management? Or maybe you’re a therapist, a student, or a concerned loved-one wondering how MM can help others. If so, our Newcomer’s Meeting is a great place to get more information about MM. BUT, if you’re concerned about your own drinking, you don’t have to attend the Newcomer’s Meeting before joining any other meetings. Simply find a meeting below that works for you and click the link to join.

Event Series The Sinclair Method (TSM) Meeting

The Sinclair Method (TSM) Meeting

This meeting is for anyone who is curious about, or has had experience with, using The Sinclair Method of "targeted use of Naltrexone before drinking" to manage their drinking problem. Combined with the tools of MM, TSM offers a pharmaceutical-assisted therapy in order to facilitate long-term and sustainable change. PLEASE NOTE: The information shared in […]