Cold Turkey Isn’t the Only Route

A note from Moderation Management: While this article is originally published in 2014, the contents are still relevant today. Thank you Gabrielle Glaser for bringing awareness to alternative methods to cold turkey! By Gabrielle Glaser, Jan. 1, 2014. Originally posted in the New York Times’ Opinions Section by an Op-Ed Contributor, Gabrielle Glaser, available here. THIS […]

Alcohol Abuse Is on the Rise, but Doctors Too Often Fail to Treat It

A note from Moderation Management: Thank you to Anahad O’Connor for bringing awareness AUD & Moderation Management. O’Connor’s full article is linked below. By Anahad O’Connor Published July 12, 2021. Updated Sept. 28, 2021. This article is originally posted by The New York Times, linked here. People with alcohol use disorder are often seen in […]

Why it is dangerous not to include support for moderation in recovery

This article was first published in the Ohio Capital Journal. Here is an updated version, complimenting this first piece submitted by Mary Reid, Executive Director. When Demi Lovato announced their decision to be “California Sober” recently, we heard an outcry from people in the recovery support community who champion total abstinence. Since this announcement, it […]

Drinking Excessively? Here’s How to Gain Control Over Binge Drinking

BY ANISHA RAO This article was first published by MM Champion Sponsor, Sunnyside.  Check out more of their informative blogs and the app you’ll hear our members chatting about in our communities at What is Binge Drinking? One of the most common alcohol-related problems that affect people of all ages is binge drinking. Binge drinking […]

From MM Champion Partner, Sunnyside: 24 Statistics About Drinking Alcohol That You Should Know For 2022

The following article was first published in the blog section of Sunnyside’s website. To view more valuable and informative articles please visit Sunnyside and checkout their Blog. This information helps us recognize environments and situations that may contribute to our drinking in excess but most of all, it informs us that we are not alone. […]

How I went from Heavy Daily Drinking to “By The Book” Moderation in Four Months.

  No classic “rock bottom” experience brought me to Moderation Management in June of 2020. A heavy daily drinker for two decades or more, I overdid it during the pandemic. The waste from all that alcohol weighed heavily, but with my mindset and previous attempts, I had little confidence that I could change. I worried: […]

Yahoo Life Article: What Does It Mean To Be Sober-Curious?

Moderation Management’s Heather M.  and other experts in the recovery field weigh in on the sober-curious movement: “For Heather Molnar, a member of the operations team at Moderation Management, which is a volunteer-run organization helping people address their own drinking challenges, sober-curiosity is about “becoming aware of the role alcohol plays in your life” and […]

Tool Tuesday Post 1: 9 Classic MM Tools!

Happy moderation #tooltuesday !!!   Today, we’ve gathered all the tools we’ve posted thus far and put them in one handy dandy toolbox for ya! 1. The Buddy Up Tool: Find an accountability buddy 2. The Toothbrush Tool: Brush your teeth. Tell your mouth and your brain you are done for the night 3. The […]

SELF Article: 6 Ways To Set Boundaries and Drink Less Right Now

In SELF’s article, writer, Natasha Lavender, interviews several women who share their ideas and strategies for setting boundaries to control their drinking and to get others to respect those boundaries. MM’s Mary Reid recommends setting goals at which you know you can succeed and building on that success. “Too many of us go through years […]

Review of Forbes Article Featuring 16 Expert Tips To Reduce Drinking

Moderation Management is always thrilled to see articles that talk about how to reduce drinking vs. how to quit drinking as in’s recent article:  “16 Expert Tips For Reducing Your Alcohol Consumption.” We’re always on the lookout for new tips to present to our members. Sometimes, ok, most of the time, we end up […]