User Policy for Moderation Management Computer Systems

The User Policy below applies to all systems and services in use, owned, or otherwise controlled by Moderation Management Network, Inc. (“MM”)

The Moderation Management Network, Inc. computer systems are part of the MM program to help those concerned about a drinking problem. Civil public discourse is an important aspect of group support.

Moderation Management Network, Inc. will not tolerate sexual or gender-based harassment of any form. All users of MM computer systems are expected to show respect for each other. Differences of opinion are welcomed but disagreements should be respectfully expressed. Disparaging or degrading speech is not acceptable or helpful to those here to work on a drinking problem. It is requested that users refrain from using profanity and expletives.

Moderation Management Network, Inc. is not in a position to monitor all systems. However, when disruptive posting is discovered, posters will receive a private communication and if it continues, the user may be unsubscribed. Our goal is to maintain civil public discourse on any computer system owned and operated by MM. It is our reasonable expectation that all users of these systems will understand and comply with this request.

Use of MM systems is a privilege, not a right. We reserve the right to deny access to any user at any time. Questions about this policy may be addressed to .