5 Benefits of Taking a 30 Day Break-A Dryuary 2021 Participant Shares the Benefits She Experienced

While Molly Watts from Breaking The Bottle Legacy had been actively working to reduce her daily drinking, it wasn’t until 2020 that she began adding alcohol free (AF) days to her routine. In November she decided to take a mini-break of 11 days in which she didn’t drink.  The mini-break introduced her to the difference in having an AF day here and there and taking a several days long break and that difference was positive. She did research on how a longer break would benefit her even more but still she waivered.

Finally, she took the plunge and joined the MM Dryuary Facebook group to complete her first month-long break from alcohol.

In her  podcast, 5 Reasons to Take A 30 Day Break From Alcohol,  she discusses her experience and the improvements she noticed in her life, especially when it came to sleep during Dryuary 2021.

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