MM Meeting Opening & Closing Statements, Meeting Ground Rules, Nine Steps, Moderate Drinker Definition, MM Limits, & Notes

Opening Statement

My name is ________ and I’m the discussion leader tonight.

Welcome to this meeting of Moderation Management. We are a group concerned about our drinking. The only requirement for participation is sharing this concern.

The purpose of Moderation Management is to provide a supportive environment for healthy decision-making about drinking and lifestyle. MM meetings are safe, confidential, and non-judgmental. MM support groups are not treatment or therapy. We’re here to assist each other with the elimination of any harm related to alcohol use.

The research-based guidelines for moderate drinking emphasize good health and safety. MM recommends No Drinking and Driving. We share our strategies for moderation and balance, which include techniques for behavior change and managing negative emotions.

The strength of this program lies in the members of MM. We are here to share our experiences and to help each other change. Individuals’ goals and progress vary, therefore we offer support but do not dictate behavior. We do ask members to refrain from drinking prior to meetings and to maintain confidentiality.

We usually begin by inviting each person in turn to say a few words about his/her current situation. If you are new to the group, tell us what’s been going on in your life and what brings you here. If you are already following a plan of moderation, tell us a bit about it and how it is working for you. If you are still feeling your way toward an approach that will work for you, let us know your latest thoughts and impressions.