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Still On the Fence About Dryuary?

I had a lazy Friday night last night, and I realized  I hadn’t updated my Try Dry tracking app.  I decided to look back over the last couple of years since I started using it and… Holy moly has my drinking ever decreased!  I was probably drinking about 10 drinks a week on average in 2021, which doesn’t seem like a whole lot but often most of those drinks would happen in a  night or two.
> I attribute this success to Moderation Management!  I roughly did the math, and I’ve decreased intake by *at least* 50%.  It’s probably more like 70% over all as I definitely have less than 5 drinks a week (most weeks I have 0).
> Last Dryuary really got me on the right track.  I had been slowly decreasing prior to that, but Dryuary 2022 was transformational.  I think for many of us nervous about committing to an extended period of alcohol-free time, Dryuary creates a safe container, a community of people going through a shared experience.  That knowledge in itself gives us the courage to try 31 days alcohol free.  We find strength in ourselves from each other, fortitide to do the hard things, and when we face the challenges and overcome them, that’s when the transformation happens.
> The transformation happens when we find other ways to respond to “trigger” events.  The transformation happens when we realize we can enjoy ourselves at a party alcohol free.  The transformation happens when we discover we enjoy other activities more than our Friday night unwind tipple.
> You know, sometimes I’d wish that change would happen automatically, but I realize I wouldn’t change my process these last couple of years for anything.  Changing my drinking has also meant working on my mental and emotional health, and there’s so much value in that journey.  My quality of life has improved so, so much.
> I am also feeling optimistic!  I’m looking forward to my continued progress and feeling like my goals are possible!
> Thank-you Moderation Management

By Lisa H. Proud MM and Dryuary Member

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  1. Pam
    Pam says:

    Thanks for ypur post, I am just getting started and need all the help I can get. My drinking has increased over this year mostly due to loneliness, but its my own fault saying and doing stuff while drunk. i am ready for change


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