Tool Tuesday Post 1: 9 Classic MM Tools!

Happy moderation #tooltuesday 🔧 🔨 🗜 🧰 !!!


Today, we’ve gathered all the tools we’ve posted thus far and put them in one handy dandy toolbox for ya!

1. The Buddy Up Tool: Find an accountability buddy

2. The Toothbrush Tool: Brush your teeth. Tell your mouth and your brain you are done for the night

3. The Pickle Jar Tool: Take the money you save from not drinking, put it in a glass jar, and watch the dollars grow! Treat yourself.

4. The Trigger Transformer⚠️: Very powerful! Respond to drinking triggers in different and healthier ways

5. Play The Movie to The End: Feeling the urge to drink? Before you do, sit for a moment and project your night into the future. If the ending involves waking up hungover the next day, chances are you might say to yourself, “Not tonight!”

6. The Delay Tool: Delay that first drink by one hour

7. The Distraction Tool: Choose not to drink by distracting yourself with your VACI (Vital Absorbing Creative Interests from SMART Recovery)

8. Surf the Urge: A classic craving- buster that can feel challenging in the moment but is a powerful game-changer toward losing the alcohol urges.

9. The GPS Tool: Knowing where you are going is always a good idea. What are your goals? How do you want your relationship with alcohol to be? What is your North Star?

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