Common Moderate Drinking Questions at Moderation Management™ (MM)

Even though MM has been around for over twenty years, we still hear, “I had no idea there was a group that supports reduction of drinking. I thought abstinence support was the only option out there!”

Then, we get questions, lots of questions. So many that it’s impossible to answer them all and, honestly, just like everyone’s path to recovery is different, so are their questions. Also, because MM respects the individuality of each member, we recognize that one answer doesn’t answer the same question for everyone.

That is why one of our mantras is, “We don’t tell you what to do but we’ll share what we’ve done and whether it worked for us.”

You are the only one that can find the answer that is right for you.

Below are some of the most common questions that we hear how we approach moderation drinking at Moderation Management™, but remember, you are the only one that can find the right answer for you. We hope these moderate drinking FAQs are helpful to you.