My Ongoing Journey To Reduce Drinking With MM: Podcast Interview with Mary Reid (aka Kary May) Executive Director of MM

Podcast of Interview with Mary Reid, MM Executive Director

A couple of weeks ago, I sat down with Molly Watts at Breaking the Bottle Legacy to discuss how it was that I came to Moderation Management (MM) 12 years ago, desperate to reduce my drinking, and where the last twelve years have brought me. It’s been an amazing ride, admittedly bumpy at times, but I now realize those bumps got me where I needed to go-maybe even quicker than I would have gotten there without the bumps. Moderation is not a final destiny, it is a continual journey. I continue that journey on a daily basis, as a member, with the support of the MM communities.  MM is not steps or rules, the members of our communities are MM. MM is the place where we don’t tell each other what to do, instead we share what we have done, what has worked for us and what hasn’t, all the while acknowledging that what works for one does not work for all and that we are all fascinating and unique. We learn from each other while we support each other. We share our most effective tools to reduce drinking. We cheer each other one and we pick each other up.

Mary Reid aka Kary May

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  1. Marybeth
    Marybeth says:

    I am 84 years of age and alcohol has been my drug since I was 25. I now have HBP…Osteoporosis, heart problems and fatty liver…….AND I CONTINUE TO DRINK TWO BOTTLES OF WINE 3…5 DAYS A WEEK. ALSO MY MEMORY IS ASLEEP! I did a 29 day rehab in my early forties….have gone to AAmany times and here I am….killing myself with my drug of choice.


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