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Very Well Mind: Is Drinking In Moderation Possible for Alcoholics?

Originally published at this article answers some questions and has some great tips about moderation. However, I do take issue with a couple of beliefs presented in this article.
The first statement I take issue with is that people who commit to Moderation Management “must” undergo a 30 day abstinent period. While this was emphasized as a first step to joining MM in the early years, it is not anymore. We don’t want to deny anyone support just because they aren’t ready to attempt 30 days alcohol-free.

Another issue, is that the term alcoholic is an outdated term for those who experience Alcohol Use Disorder (AUD).
Lastly, I have problems with the sentence below, “However, these programs are not meant for everyone.” MM is meant for everyone. Joining MM is a first step for many people who are not ready to quit drinking completely, whether they decide later on abstinence is their best next step or that moderation is possible for them. MM continues to offer support to its members who choose abstinence. We support the choice that you feel is the right one for you.

One of the most common questions people who struggle with alcohol use and try to quit drinking ask is whether they really have to stop forever. Can they learn how to drink in moderation? Can they become social drinkers? Is it true that they can never have another drink?

For years, the answer was assumed to be no, there is no room for “just one drink” for anyone with a drinking problem. Today, there are programs like Moderation Management, which do allow for a certain level of controlled drinking and have helped many learn to drink safely. However, these programs are not meant for everyone.”

Read the entire article here: Is Drinking In Moderation Possible For Alcoholics?

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  1. Jeff Brown
    Jeff Brown says:

    I am so happy to have found this site I have been in recovery for three years now I decided to give back and started managing a all male halfway house, it keeps me connected and keeps me Grateful.


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