Ohio Capital Journal: The Impact of Mindful Drinking-8 Things I Have Learned During The First 793 Days of My Mindful Drinking Journey

By: Christine Cockley I’ve learned countless things during this time but feel these are the top eight that will be most impactful when shared. Please note it is the ‘first […]

Psychology Today: Moderated Drinking: A Creative Strategy To Treat Alcoholism

From Psychology Today: Complete sobriety might not always be a realistic solution for heavy drinkers. KEY POINTS Fear of needing to cope without alcohol can deter efforts to stop drinking. […]

Very Well Mind: Is Drinking In Moderation Possible for Alcoholics?

Originally published at verywellmind.com this article answers some questions and has some great tips about moderation. However, I do take issue with a couple of beliefs presented in this article. […]

Cold Turkey Isn’t the Only Route

While this article is originally published in 2014, the contents are still relevant today. Thank you Gabrielle Glaser for bringing awareness to alternative methods to cold turkey! By Gabrielle Glaser, Jan. […]

Alcohol Abuse Is on the Rise, but Doctors Too Often Fail to Treat It

A note from Moderation Management: Thank you to Anahad O’Connor for bringing awareness AUD & Moderation Management. O’Connor’s full article is linked below. By Anahad O’Connor Published July 12, 2021. […]

Why it is dangerous not to include support for moderation in recovery

This article was first published in the Ohio Capital Journal. Here is an updated version, complimenting this first piece submitted by Mary Reid, Executive Director. When Demi Lovato announced their […]

Yahoo Life Article: What Does It Mean To Be Sober-Curious?

Moderation Management’s Heather M.  and other experts in the recovery field weigh in on the sober-curious movement: “For Heather Molnar, a member of the operations team at Moderation Management, which […]

SELF Article: 6 Ways To Set Boundaries and Drink Less Right Now

In SELF’s article, writer, Natasha Lavender, interviews several women who share their ideas and strategies for setting boundaries to control their drinking and to get others to respect those boundaries. […]

Review of Forbes Article Featuring 16 Expert Tips To Reduce Drinking

Moderation Management is always thrilled to see articles that talk about how to reduce drinking vs. how to quit drinking as in Forbes.com’s recent article:  “16 Expert Tips For Reducing […]

New York Times Article: Excessive Drinking Rose During Pandemic

“My drinking has increased during Covid!” At MM, we’ve been hearing this phrase often in the last year. People who were comfortable with their relationship with alcohol pre-Covid, are now […]