New York Times Article: Excessive Drinking Rose During Pandemic

“My drinking has increased during Covid!” At MM, we’ve been hearing this phrase often in the last year. People who were comfortable with their relationship with alcohol pre-Covid, are now concerned, but they don’t believe this situational increase means they need to quit completely.  They are looking for alternative to AA and abstinence-based programs. They are looking for moderation support to get their drinking back on track to pre-Covid amounts.

In this article, MM Member, Gordon M., relates how anxiety during the pandemic and talk of pending financial doom caused an escalation in his drinking. Not wanting to abstain, he turned to MM for support.  Shortly after joining MM, he jumped onboard for Dryuary.

““I’m happy to say that I haven’t had a drink this year, and I feel a lot better: I sleep better, and I can get more things done,” he said. “The nice thing about this moderation group is that it’s not an all-or-nothing ‘You can never drink again or you’re a failed alcoholic’ approach.”

If you can relate to others who are saying with concern, “My drinking has increased during Covid, but I don’t want to quit, MM is here for you.

To read the full article:

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