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Yahoo Life Article: What Does It Mean To Be Sober-Curious?

Moderation Management’s Heather M.  and other experts in the recovery field weigh in on the sober-curious movement:

“For Heather Molnar, a member of the operations team at Moderation Management, which is a volunteer-run organization helping people address their own drinking challenges, sober-curiosity is about “becoming aware of the role alcohol plays in your life” and not relying on it as a “crutch.”

For example, “a sober curious person may continue going to brunch but skip the mimosas,” Molnar, who is also the administrator of Moderation Management’s private Facebook page, which has 4,300 members, tells Yahoo Life. “A sober curious person is continuing to participate in all the activities where alcohol is present, but they aren’t drinking any alcohol. They are learning to socialize — or be alone — without the crutch of alcohol.”

To read the complete article, click here: Thinking About Taking a Break From Alcohol? What You Need To Know About Being Sober-Curious

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